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Winterizing Your Truckee -Tahoe Home - A To Do List

If leaving your residence for any length of time this winter, do not rely on a heating energy source to protect your interior plumbing from freezing. Frozen water pipes that expand can break, while expensive to repair by themselves, can cause costly water damage to the interior of your home! We recommend the following precautionary steps:

1. A normal procedure for homeowners to protect their homes should include winterizing by insulating all exposed pipes and determine the location and operational status of the water shut off valve on your property.

2. Basic draining techniques include, but are not limited to:
a. Turn off the water supply to your home using the customer's shut off valve location on your property.
b. Drain the water heater, turning off the electricity or gas first.
c. Drain all water pipes: i.e. with customer's valve turned off, open all faucets and
turn open the drain valve to empty lines and flush all toilets. Add antifreeze to all drains, toilet bowls and flush tank.

If you are not sure that your water system is draining properly, or if you have questions about draining a specific appliance, consult either a licensed plumber or call us and we will lead you in the right direction.

- Provided by the Sierra Sun

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