Testimonial | Truckee Real Estate Client Testimonial

Testimonial - Truckee, Tahoe Donner &
North Lake Tahoe Real Estate Home Buyer

Thanks For The Memories!!!

You sold us "First Cabin"
16 years past --
And we have to admit,
It's all been a blast!

Now you've sold it again
Kudos to you!
Pat yourselves on the back,
You masterful crew!

We got through inspections
Day after day --
Building and termite,
And the sewer -- Hurrah!

The G.E. guy -- awful!
The plumber? A treat!
Gotta feed 'em lunch,
They're cheaper when they eat!

You're patient, professional
You do your job well --
Think your new ad should read,
If WE list it, it WILL sell!

We recommend you highly
That's an actual fact --
Boice Countryside Realtors
Is a very class act!

~ You're Jewels! Thank you ~
Norie & Jim Weems

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